Campania Cast Stone Platia Garden Terrace Fountain Indoor Tabletop Fountains

  • Campania Cast Stone Platia Garden Terrace Fountain Indoor Tabletop Fountains
    Campania Cast Stone Platia Garden Terrace Fountain Indoor Tabletop Fountains
    Indoor Tabletop Fountains
    The Campania Cast Stone Platia Garden Terrace Fountain is a beautiful three-tiered fountain whose petite size makes it easy to have an elegant water feature even in a small space. This high quality cast stone piece is built to last and designed to get even lovelier as time passes - natural aging processes enhance the appearance of the fountain as it is exposed to the elements.The Platia Garden Terrace Fountain is available in the following finishes: natural antique bronze aged limestone alpine stone brownstone copper bronze chandoline English moss greenstone lead antique travertine and verde subject to inventory supply.About Campania InternationalEstablished in 1984 Campania International's reputation has been built on quality original products and service to our customer base. Originally selling terra cotta planters wea soon began to research and develop the design and manufacture of cast stone garden planters and ornaments. Campania is also an importer and wholesaler of garden products including polyethylene terra cotta glazed pottery cast iron and fiberglass planters as well as classic garden structures fountains and cast resin statuary.Campania Cast Stone: The ProcessThe creation of Campania's cast stone pieces begins and ends by hand. From the creation of an original design making of a mold pouring the cast stone application of the patina to the final packing of an order the process is both technical and artistic. As many as 30 pairs of hands are involved in the creation of each Campania piece in a labor intensive 15 step process.The process begins either with the creation of an original copyrighted design by Campania's artisans or an antique original. Antique originals will often require some restoration work which is also done in-house by expert craftsmen. Campania's mold making department will then begin a multi-step process to create a production mold which will properly replicate the detail and texture of the original piece. Depending on its size and complexity a mold can take as long as three months to complete. Campania creates in excess of 700 molds per year.After a mold is completed it is moved to the production area where a team individually hand pours the liquid cast stone mixture into the mold and employs special techniques to remove air bubbles. Campania carefully monitors the PSI of every piece. PSI (pounds per square inch) measures the strength of every piece to ensure durability. The PSI of Campania pieces is currently engineered at approximately 7500 for optimum strength. Each piece is air-dried an
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