Canyon Falls Wall Water Fountain Outdoor Fountains

  • Canyon Falls Wall Water Fountain Outdoor Fountains
    Canyon Falls Wall Water Fountain Outdoor Fountains
    Outdoor Fountains
    Storyland Studios
    Enhance your home or business with the tropical beauty and soothing sounds of the Canyon Falls Wall Water Fountain. Designed to be placed against a flat wall, this fountain features myriad cascading streams of water and a richly textured, authentic look. It weighs 175 pounds. This exquisite fountain has been crafted using durable structural polyurethane. Time-tested to weather a variety of conditions over the past three decades, polyurethane's closed cell properties render it both waterproof and high-impact-resistant. The elegant simplicity of this fountain's design makes setup a breeze. Choose among striking Desert Sand, Granite, and Iron Rock finish options. This breathtaking fountain is a true testament to landscaping luxury. It is backed by a 3-year limited manufacturer's warranty.About Oasis Products, Inc.Oasis Products, Inc. has been crafting exquisitely realistic fountains and waterfalls since 1989. Owned and operated by the Lowrie family, Oasis is based in Murrieta, Calif. Its remarkable products are made of lightweight synthetic materials, rendering them both authentic in appearance and easy to handle and assemble. The specially formulated post-painted finishes achieve maximum color adhesion and UV stability. Oasis continually strives to improve and enhance its designs to better meet customer needs.
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