Happy Fish Wall Fountain Commercial Water Fountains

  • Happy Fish Wall Fountain Commercial Water Fountains
    Happy Fish Wall Fountain Commercial Water Fountains
    Commercial Water Fountains
    Harvey Galleries Inc
    The Happy Fish Wall Fountain uses vibrant cheerful colors to create a lively underwater scene. What could be a more appropriate and fun backdrop for a water fountain? This fountain will create a casual inviting atmosphere in any room in your home. Not only does it depict fish in their natural environment but it adds the authentic sound of flowing water! Here is what artist Henry Harvey of the Harvey Gallery had to say about the Happy Fish Wall Fountain: "This would be an easy one to pigeonhole. Oh that one's for a children's room! Well...maybe and maybe not. Not all art has to be dark and gothic with angst and blood dripping. Some art can be well . . . happy. Isn't it sad to think that when something is happy it's thought of as childish? Fight back! Get a happy fish fountain. How much is a smile worth?" Place your order right away for this lively fountain.Harvey GalleriesHarvey Galleries is the place for those who wish to add a sense of full scale artistry to their home or garden. Harvey Galleries' large and brilliant fountains draw on a wide range of artistic influences from the undulate shapes and swirling colors of abstract expressionists Vincent Van Gogh and Edvard Munch to the intimate and detailed observations of Claude Monet and Edgar Degas.The GalleryBased out of Lahaska Penn. Harvey Galleries has been creating custom sculptures for individuals and businesses for over thirty years. Their client list includes such giants as BMW Johnson and Johnson and Marriott Hotels. Harvey Galleries are renowned for their unique productions such as a full sized time machine they created for Timex Corporation. Gallery founder Henry Harvey has written a book about his experiences titled A Passion for Metal: Reflections and Techniques of a Metal Sculptor. Harvey Galleries is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers.
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