Koi Wall Fountain Commercial Water Fountains

  • Koi Wall Fountain Commercial Water Fountains
    Koi Wall Fountain Commercial Water Fountains
    Commercial Water Fountains
    Harvey Galleries Inc
    With an irreverent attitude towards life the artist of this fountain originally named this art piece after a pool table - with koi fish strewn about as if they were pool balls. And after admiring the piece we can see where they came up with that.The Koi Wall Fountain is an indoor fountain featuring copper elements. The unit measures approximately 28 inches long by 48 inches tall. The fish are handmade one at a time. With the water running they really look like they're swimming in a beautiful blue stream.The Koi fountain is ideal for those who want to bring that touch of nature indoors - or for those with a sense of humor. It can be yours today with just the click of a button. Our lighted fountains are made with a virtually indestructible LED lighting system. The LED lights used in each Harvey Gallery fountain are brighter purer white light and use less electricity than standard lighting. They will last 200 000 hours 20 times longer than long life light bulbs. In addition with each order for an illuminated fountain you will receive a signed copy of the book "A Passion for Metal" by Schiffer Publishing which chronicles the lives of the Harvey Gallery sculptors. Order your fountain today and receive this complementary coffee table book.
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