Adagio Sunrise Springs Wall Fountain Commercial Water Fountains

  • Adagio Sunrise Springs Wall Fountain Commercial Water Fountains
    Adagio Sunrise Springs Wall Fountain Commercial Water Fountains
    Commercial Water Fountains
    Adagio Collection
    Choose from a variety of stainless steel frame shapes and finishes Fountain faces available in choice of slate, lighter weight FeatherStone faux slate, authentic marble, and mirror Each fountain face will vary in color, texture, and thickness compared to what is pictured; natural stones have variances and no two are alike FeatherStone weighs 90% less than other solid stone panels with a slate veneer that weighs about 15 lbs., compared to slate, which weighs 150 lbs. Complete with an on/off 4-way pull chain and dimmer switch to control light volume Superior water distribution system - water flows smoothly and will not clog or spray One convenient switch controls both lights and water pump (included) Heavy-duty, water-tight tray liner is double-tested and will not leak or deteriorate over time Shipped with an EZ installation bracket for ease of installation Comes with step by step instructions and maintenance DVD Includes a 3-year limited manufacturer's warranty on parts and a 1-year limited warranty on the electrical system Born from the balance principles of Feng Shui, the Adagio Sunrise Springs Water Fountain marries a variety of opposing earth elements to infuse your favorite spaces with relaxing, rejuvenating energy. Choose from natural marble, a decadent, elegant stone; or authentic, natural slate, designed for a heavy, classic look; or our unique Feather Stone slate veneer, which is lighter but resembles natural slate quite closely. Each slate piece is quarried in India, hand-chiseled for texture, and no two pieces are alike. About Adagio CollectionBased out of Salt Lake City, Utah, Adagio designs, makes, and produces the highest quality water features available. Adagio blends the beauty of natural slates and rainforest marbles trimmed in premium metals, with the gentle flow and sounds of running water and soft halogen lighting in bringing tranquility to life.
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