Adagio Cottonwood Falls Wall Fountain Commercial Water Fountains

  • Adagio Cottonwood Falls Wall Fountain Commercial Water Fountains
    Adagio Cottonwood Falls Wall Fountain Commercial Water Fountains
    Commercial Water Fountains
    Adagio Collection
    The bold presence of the Cottonwood Falls Wall Fountain will make it the focal point in any setting. This magnificent piece is hand-crafted by skilled artisans. Choose between regular slate, marble, or new Feather Stone slate in a variety of shades. The slate is a natural slate that is very heavy. In addition to our regular slate selection, we are now proud to offer our new Feather Stone slate veneer, which is a fraction in weight of standard slate and lighter than marble . The feather stone is a faux slate meant to look like slate. It is offered in a variety of hues as well. The multi-colored slate is imported from India and hand-chiseled for texture and uniqueness. The marble offered is a natural marble that is the heaviest and most high-end material offered with this fountain. This elegant water feature is sure to bring tranquility into your home or office and acts as a natural humidifier. The water tray is tested to be super durable with a tight fit to ensure no leaking, and the entire system has a top-quality water distribution system. The fountain comes with an instructional DVD so that you get the most out of this beautiful piece. The beautiful water feature will bring the beauty and tranquility of nature's sights and sounds into your home or office. This feature comes with a one-year limited warranty on all manufactured parts, and a one-year limited warranty on the electrical system. The fountain has 6 light sockets, includes 6 halogen bulbs, a 4-way pull chain and dimmer switch. The fountain measures 61W x 6D x 69H inches.About Adagio CollectionBased out of Salt Lake City, Utah, Adagio designs, makes, and produces the highest quality water features available. Adagio blends the beauty of natural slates and rainforest marbles trimmed in premium metals, with the gentle flow and sounds of running water and soft halogen lighting in bringing tranquility to life.
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